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WTF Kooperative eG is your competent partner!

Benefit from the know-how of the experts of WTF Kooperative eG from a wide range of disciplines in information technology. You have a project you want to implement? Contact us!

Where we come from

WTF Kooperative eG (Werkkooperative der Technikfreund*innen) was founded in December 2020 and and brings valuable expert know-how most diverse disciplines of information technology to the table.
From the start, more than 150 people found each other and worked to successful founding of the cooperative.

A company that belongs to all of us, in which each of us has a voice and the right to have a say.
We see ourselves as a platform for hackers, where with like-minded people economic projects become possible that would not otherwise exist. We promote and manage the services of our members collectively as a cooperative.

Map of the Federal Republic of Germany with regions in which members are active


I am employed full time, what benefits do I get from you guys?

Basically, you can get involved with us even with just a few hours a week. We have big to tiny projects, which are all happy about support. Of course, you can also buy 100 shares and never contact us again (we have such members, too). However, we are especially happy about new members who are of the opinion that their skills can serve a good purpose and if money comes out of it: all the better.

I am a freelancer, can I also work through you?

Yes with pleasure! We are currently expanding our customer base, but you are also welcome to contact us if your customer wants an agency in between. Mostly this is the case with big players and that's where we come in. Our conditions are very fair and you make sure that internal projects can continue to run from the interest.

I am a UG, GmbH, GmbH & Co. KG, etc. pp. Can I enter?

Yes, we now got Startup as a Service! Our office works very closely with our tax office (feel free to ask, the prices are public) and we can offer you everything from contract assistance to billing services and tax returns in one go at a reasonable price.

I have a bright idea but no idea how/where to start. Can I implement the idea with you guys?

Whether as a member or externally, you can pitch your idea to AG Business. Our experts there have decades of experience with all kinds of projects and plausibility checks and will also be able to give you tips if the project does not fit in with us in the end.

I have a side income and would like to run my bills through you guys, how exactly does that work?

If you are a member, you will find detailed instructions and all conditions in our handbook. We also keep it relatively up to date, so our concentrated knowledge is always up-to-date in there.

What data do you collect for membership application?

Basically, only what the law requires of us. When you join, we need your last name, first name, address and profession. We also ask for your preferred pronoun. The data is not available to the cooperative publicly. We use our nicknames when communicating.

What worldly goods can I get through the cooperative?

You can have from us everything that can be purchased through a normal employer. You need a good bike for the way to work or a new computer? Then you will find everything you need to know in the handbook and how it works.

Where can I get your PGP-keys if I want send you an encrypted email?

You can find the PGP-key for the office here, and the PGP-key for the Vorstand here. We also offer them via Web Key Directory so in theory, your email-client should find them automatically. And we uploaded the keys to the usual key servers like


What the f**ck is WTF eg?

Was sind Genossenschaften und was können wir Cooles damit machen.

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