The Werkskooperative der Technikfreundinnen was founded to serve people in the environment of the Chaos Computer Club as a means of bureaucracy bundling and is currently developing in the direction of job placement, project management and freelance agency.

Our goal is the economic promotion and support of our members. The object of the company is services and trade related to information technologies. Through their joint, cooperative marketing and processing of relevant commercial services for the members, the members' economy is promoted through synergy effects.



Benefit from the broad IT know-how, the exchange of experience and the networking of our members and experts in the cooperative. The WTF cooperative is your competent contact.


We realise your projects - whether web application, mobile app or hardware-related programming. We can also advise you on suitable business development programmes if required.


After the project, we do not leave you out in the cold with the result, but offer you services for the operation of the completed project and the administration of the infrastructure beyond the project.


Agent Shredder

Journalists sometimes have a dangerous job and a high responsibility. With Agent Shredder, they can encrypt their data quickly and easily at any time on the go, to prevent them from getting into the wrong hands. Powered by strong cryptography and powered by WTF eG.

More about Agent Shredder


When a lot of balcony power plants discovered the light of day last year, many had to learn that some were doubtfully secured. We at WTF eG thought that this urgently needed to be changed and improved upon and so we did.

More about Balkonsolar


Your Breadboard has flaky contacts? Your soldering skills are a bit rusty or you are missing a steady hand? Connect prototypes as easy as staking building blocks, which is possible with BricksTronix from the WTF eG. From use as teaching material for up and coming electronics person to solid prototypes, everything is possible.


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